• 4 Channels with Optocoupler Relay Module

Package includes:

1  X  4 Channels with Optocoupler Relay Module 


Electrical parameters:

power supply voltage: 5VDC

current: greater than 100mA

load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC

PCB colour: black

There are 4 fixing screw holes around the board, the hole diameter is 3.1mm, which is convenient for installation and fixing

The relay chooses Songle relay, single pole double throw. One common terminal, one normally open terminal, one normally closed terminal

Optocoupler isolation, good anti-interference

The low level pulls in and the high-level releases. The status indicator light is on when it is closed, and it is off when it is released

VCC is the system power supply, and JD_VCC is the relay power supply. Just plug in the jumper cap

Wiring instructions:

VCC : system power positive

GND: system power negative

IN1-IN2-IN3-IN4: Relay control port

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4 Channels with Optocoupler Relay Module

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