• 3.75MM 8*8 dot matrix red Display Module

Package includes:

1 X 3.75MM 8*8 dot matrix red Display Module


Encapsulation: 8*8 dot matrix

①  LED is a unidirectional conductive device. Only allow current to flow from positive to negative. It turns on and emits light only when it is connected in the forward direction. Reverse access is blocked. Of course, it does not emit light. This is similar to the ordinary second tube. However, the tube pressure drop of the LED is larger than that of the ordinary two tubes, about 2V, and the power supply voltage is greater than the tube pressure drop, so the LED can work.

② The brightness of the LED is related to its working current If, and it usually starts to shine when If=1mA. The brightness keeps increasing with the increase of lf. But when lf≥5mA. The brightness increase is not significant. In addition, the large working current of the LED is generally 20 ~ 30mA, exceeding this value will damage the LED. Therefore, the working current lF should be selected in the range of 5-20mA. In order to save energy, generally choose lf=5mA.

③ The reverse breakdown voltage of the LED is generally around 5V. The LED should not be subjected to a reverse voltage exceeding 5V during use. Otherwise, the LED will be damaged by breakdown.

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3.75MM 8*8 dot matrix red Display Module

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